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I have done a new Review for all of us BRonies..
Please enjoy my work.
Derpy say's goodbye to Galacon 2016
This is my little friend Derpy.
We two have visited Galacon this year for the first time.
I hope not for the last time.
I have tried to find a little Scootaloo as a new friend for her,
but I didn't have enough bits for the few I have found.
So it's now on my own to make her a new friend.
I will try to show you the progress in a while.
Today is the day.
finally I am trying to show you my own creative work.
My fanfiction is now online.

A new name, a new town.

It was a day like every other, above the clouds, in Cloudsdale, in a school.

She sat like everyday on her favourite spot, besides the great Wonderbolts poster and dreamed herself to be one of them.

Wingdaloo, are you there?”

These gentle voice accompanied to Autumn Breeze, her teacher. The words echoed towards the empty room and ripped the pegasus filly out of her dreams.

Wingdaloo yawned and stretched her body, her little wings creaked, and the bright orange coat bristled. A goose flesh wandered through the red mane  and the filly shivered.

There you are. We have to talk.”

This voice followed a spotted deep red body with mossy green spots and a long mane of the same, colour, and her teacher entered the room.

He beheld the little filly, his wings firmly pressed against his body. His green eyes shined a moment and a little smile glided through his face.

I think you’re supposed to be here. As you already know, your classmates are going to the junior flight camp as soon as possible.”

Her teacher stopped, as he saw that the little eyes began to gleam, and he sighed. He never wanted to speak out these words, but this was the only solution for her problem.

You have to understand, Wingdaloo! We aren't going to accept anypony with your wing size there. You should.”

The upset voice of the filly trembled and interrupted the attempted explanation.

But I think I could be there for a while. Maybe they will grow, if I train hard enough. Please, let me try.”

Autumn Breeze just raised his right hoof and stopped the raptures of the filly. Tears were gathered in the eyes of the stammering Pegasus. He tried to soothe her.

You will be relegate for one year only, Wingdaloo. If you will learn, and train hard enough, you could go to the camp next year.”

But I want go now. All of my friends are going to go. What shall I say them?”

Her voice floundered and she stroked her left hoof over her face. She smeared the tears, but new ones sprang outwards.

I know, it doesn't sound very nice. Even so, you will certainly find new friends in your new class.”

The filly stared to her teacher and wimped out. She turned over and snivelled. Her voice sounded so painful that Autumn Breeze jittered and walked two steps further.

I want go. Please, let me go. Please!”

The teacher shook his head and tried to say something, but Wingdaloo jumped through the cloud wall and ran away from this information. Her wings flapped faster and faster, but she didn't take off.

She saw pegasi everywhere. They flew, they smiled, but this darkened her mood even more.

She wanted to be like all the others. Beeing able to fly, like the rest. They should stop following her with pitying eyes.

They should stop watching her, like she was wrong, or ill. Faster and faster she ran, but she couldn't run away from her feelings. Her hooves led home.

A place she wouldn’t to see now, but where else should she go?

She sneaked through the meadow and tried to dry her tears, before her Mum realized all of this and tried to comfort her, or worse, viewed her so pitiful as the others did.

She arrived at her door without any problems and lifted a hoof to push it open.

Wingdaloo, are you here? Come, please. We have to talk.”

She smeared over her eyes again and wore a smile. She entered the living room, where her mother sat on a cloud. She put two plates with her famous hot carrot cookies at the table.

Her name was Curryfeather, a perfect match to her flaming red mane and bright yellow coat.

Her cutie mark, a white pounder in a mortar, showed that she was a great cook. The name Wingdaloo was her own idea, but it didn't match so far for the filly.

She bowed her head when the filly entered and a great wing fluttered her a cloud to sit down.

Her magenta eyes took the filly into account and remarked that she had wept again.

Curryfeather sighed.

Has Autumn Breeze spoken with you, Wingdi? Did he told you what his plan was?”

She discontinued and cleared her throat. The filly leaned forward, took a cookie and nibbled at the edge.

The spicy taste drove tears in her eyes. She nodded and chewed away the rest, concerned to say nothing at all.

You have one other choice. I could go with you to Ponyville and aunt Sunny would take care of you when I have to fly to Cloudsdale.

You go to school there, and maybe you will find some friends in your new classmates.”

Wingdaloo opened her mouth, but nothing came out. She bit her lip and closed her eyes. Simply vanishing from Cloudsdale. How could Mum advance this sort of action?

Inside her, thoughts floated, but they were not sad alone, also of wrath. Her hooves found the plate and smashed it.

I'm not a failure. I'm not sickly, I am only not able to...”

She snapped and snivelled.

Curryfeather stood up and walked around the table. She pulled the filly with a wing and squeezed her tight.

I'm sorry, Wingdi. This isn't what I want to say. You are something special. Please, let me help you.”

Wingdaloo snivelled even louder and pushed herself harder in the gentle mane of her mother. She yelled her frustration into it and cried. Curryfeather stroked her over the head and her little red mane. She would give everything, thereby her wings grew, but even the unicorns couldn't help her. What should she do?

The decision wasn't made in one day. Wingdaloo took two weeks. Whatever she thought, it was wrong. She roamed around after school in attempts to clear her thoughts.

Whatever, wherever she went, everpony looked at her with pitiful eyes. How could she feel better then?
Even in school, all looked at her in the same matter. Younger fillies whispered and laughed, surely about her.

Wingdaloo felt lonely, and even the attempts of her teacher were nothing other than pitying words for her. Or so she took them.

I should leave. I have to go to Ponyville. There they wouldn’t dare to look at me like they do here.”

Her voice was calm, and a heavy burden fell of from her.

On the same day, she talked to her mother, and said that she has made a decision.

You have to stay here, please. You shouldn’t leave home just because I’m different.”

Curryfeather tried to say something, but a look in the eyes of her filly stopped her. She understood:

Wingdaloo didn’t want pity glances and even she, her mother, was a reminder of these looks. She had to go alone. Her youth was no excuse.

I will writing you every day, Wingdi. I hope you will be happy down there.”

The transition to Ponyville was easier than Wingdaloo had thought. Aunt Sunny Rays was familiar with Earth ponies around her, and looked to Wingdaloo as if she were one of them.

Without pitiful glances. Her welcome gift was something, the filly had never seen.

A scooter.

Dear Mummy,

I've arrived  in Ponyville safely and look forward to school.

Miss Cheerilee is very nice, and I'm look forward to make many new friends.

Houses here are made of wood and stand fixedon the ground.

At first it was odd, beeing unable to go through the walls, and I even took two bumps , but I getting use to it.

Aunt Sunny isn't at home very often. She apüpearsto have a lot of work to do,

but she gave me a wonderful present and showed me how to use it.

It’s a blue scooter with red wheels. I made a picture of it for you.

Now I have to ask you something that I've thinking about.

I know you love the name Wingdaloo, but as long as my wings don't grow, I should change it.

How do you like Scootaloo?

I think it sounds perfect and I hope that you like it too.

Please write soon an I’m missing you, Mummy.



Introduction: A new name, a new town.
This is just the introducton for a fanficton.
First I was not sure to submit it here, but what have I to lose.

The story centered around of my favourite Cutie Mark Crusader, Scootaloo and will be handle
her family background and will be show how she ended in Ponyville by her aunt.
I'll hope you comment and even like my story a little bit.
I have done a new Review for all of us BRonies..
Please enjoy my work.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I'm just a writer for fanfiction, fantasy stories and reviews for My little Pony.
Often I write in German and then translate it in Englisch, but my English isn't quite as good as my German.
So I've to learn more about the language, but I will mprove my skills and will try much more.

My first project in English was a fanfiction and I will share it now with you.
My next project was a youtube review for the sixth season of My little Pony.
Both in German and English.


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